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If your mix sounds low compared to industry tracks, has poor EQ, no bump in the bass or just plain needs HELP, Lock Your Door And Read This Page - Because You'll Find Exclusive Information On How We can help FIX your BAD MUSIC MIX with exclusive Online Mixing, Pre-Mastering and Mastering You WON'T Want To Miss."

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Miraj BadMixFix Founder

FROM: Miraj, Founder
Saturday, 9:27 PM
RE: Exclusive Online Mixing and Mastering Services for Bad Mixes

Dear Friend,

Your search for a quality online recording studio with an experienced mixing and mastering engineer finally ends TODAY. If you haven't already filled in your email for free software, tips and discounts above, you probably want more info about who the heck I am...

Well, before I say anything about myself, here's three reasons why you can RELAX and enjoy your visit here:

  • 1. NO MORE WASTING TIME: If you've been researching a new studio to mix or master your next project for that industry sound - or because you've been burned at your boy's studio in his basement - or because the professional studios in your area are too booked up or expensive to get in when you need to, now you can finally fill that void without hesitation. It's quick, convenient, and works around YOUR SCHEDULE and YOUR DEADLINES, no matter what time zone you're in - without EVER LEAVING YOUR HOME!
  • 2. NO MORE WORRYING: If enjoying your recording experience is important to you and you're worried about feeling intimidated, being judged or any other negative energy, just know that the BadMixFix engineering team leaves you feeling encouraged, challenged and positive about your music - no matter what your level in the biz. You can relax and rest easy knowing at BadMixFix you are truly getting a Specialist In Sound Technical Advancement who knows the #1 secret of professional studios - "It's not the gear, it's the ear!"
  • 3. NO MORE WASTING MONEY: Sometimes, engineers just don't make the cut. Some just don't understand your style of music. Others don't do anything to help you with your pitch, your timing, your effects, nothing. They just record you, raise the volume and send you out with it. You won't have that problem here, because you'll find HUGE VALUE in every song you complete here with ENGINEERING SECRETS applied to your mixes for that EAR CANDY to make your song sound JUST LIKE THE STARS. PLUS, with some top studios charging over $200 per hour, you'll definitely find the cost of our engineering services is easy on your wallet.

Record, Mix or Master your project with AN EXPERIENCED, PROFESSIONAL Engineer And Get that INDUSTRY QUALITY SOUND conveniently online!

Ok. Who's this "Miraj" chick, you ask? I'm known in the industry as female hip-hop artist, engineer, producer, writer, and educator across the United States and internationally for over twenty years.

I've performed, produced and engineered since the the dawn of hip-hop, way back when ADIDAS was Run-DMC's shout-out shoe of choice, Doug.E.Fresh was getting ready for "The Show" (remember?) and everybody wanted to get with "The Real Roxanne". Yea, I'm true skool.

You might have caught me on a music video on BET in your local market. I've been interviewed by Vibe Magazine, YSB magazine and even CNN on hip-hop history topics under my old-skool name Lady J. I've traveled and performed as a female rapper in over 22 states, been in rotation on radio in select markets across the U.S. and I've distributed my music internationally in Europe, England and Japan. I'm a high demand artist with a live hip-hop band with female drummer and, if you can believe it, I even rock it with my own hip-hop violin!

I started my engineering career on a cassette boombox, swapping cassette to cassette (y'all remember that??!!). Later I moved up to reel-to-reel, ran circles around 4-track cassette recorders, hard drive recorders, 12-bit drum machines, the whole nine - whatever was the best technology of the time!

Miraj with BadMixFix client Bun-BNow, for the last 20 years I've been an industry-standard Pro Tools engineer. I've even earned a reputation for being the fastest Pro Tools engineer in my area and my clients call me "Fast Fingers!" I can also engineer using Nuendo, Cubase, Cool Edit Pro, Logic, and Sonic Foundry products. Plus I have my hand in the producer jar with top products like Korg Triton, Reason, Acid, Abelton Live, Fruity Loops and whatever it takes to make my clients sound great! So it really doesn't matter what software or hardware you're using to record or make beats, I can engineer it!

Miraj with BadMixFix client Devin Tha Dude and LuvLuvAs an engineer, I have been blessed to learn from the best. I got my first taste of professional recording 15 years ago under the master engineer Tom Sharman of Tesco Productions. Then I went on to record and be mentored by one of the industry's finest urban music engineers, Jon Gugenheim. This boy is COLD!! He has engineering credits for everyone from Babyface to Karen White and hundreds of rappers and R&B singers. From all this artist and engineering experience, I can tell you that I KNOW URBAN MUSIC ENGINEERING. Since then, I've been blessed to engineer some of the top major label and independent artists such as Bun-B (UGK), Devin Tha Dude, Trae (GMAAB), Trackstarz, Comedian Dopefiend Willie and others, to drop a few names.

You should know that I run a successful music and media company called Quintessential Media Group and one-stop web portal along with my long-time business partner and best friend LuvLuv (ok you be Oprah I'll be YOU be Oprah, I'LL be Gayle. LOL!). I have a Master's Degree in Media Management. LuvLuv is an engineer, producer, songwriter, arranger, artist development specialist and licensed cosmetologist. Between both of us, we are a powerhouse team to help our clients with everything that happens AFTER your tracks are recorded.

Miraj with BadMixFix client Trae (GMAAB) and LuvLuv

Since 2000, LuvLuv and I've literally groomed HUNDREDS of artists of all ages to further their dreams in the music industry with recording, beats, songwriting, arrangement, graphics, web development, copyrights, duplication, demo shopping and full artist development. We've done all musical styles, from hip-hop, R&B, rock, gospel, country, jazz and dance. Chances are you probably know someone we've worked with!

And we constantly travel to teach workshops, judge music competitions, speak on music industry panels, engineer, and develop artists' look, sound and style for showcases, concert events, competitions and A&R reps across the country and abroad.

On top of that, BadMixFix staffs a worldwide core of recording engieers ready to complete your next online mixing or online mastering project with the same quality and professionalism you've come to expect!

I could go on here, but I'll stop...

I just want you to know that BadMixFix is more than qualified to engineer your next project!

So on that note...If you've been searching for an online recording studio with a no-stress, convenient, high-value engineer who can give you RESULTS you're looking for...your search ends today.

Hundreds of Artists have already experienced the BadMixFix experience - Now It's Time For You To Find Out For Yourself!

But I'm gonna warn you... you will sound good! And we guarantee our work!
  • It doesn't matter if you've never recorded EVER, or if you're a professional artist - BadMixFix will make you sound better than when you started.
  • We are so serious about our online mixing work that we will even GIVE YOU A FREE ANALYSIS OF YOUR SONG FOR FREE.
  • You'll get detailed, step-by-step instructions of how to record, mix and master your project online - we'll walk you through it so you're comfortable with the process, especially if you're new to online recording and mixing.
  • Your project is secure - all your files and transfers are on a secure, password-protected area for your ears only.
  • If you're looking for a reliable online recording studio with lots of quality and experience, you're guaranteed to find more than what you need right here.

Ok enough of me blabbing. You're here 'cause you want to record or mix, so let's go!

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  Best Regards,
Miraj, Founder

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